A collection of the ridiculous/adorable things Lucas Bryant says and does.


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Nathan Headcanon-Day 7: Free Choice! Nathan’s House

I wanted to do why I think Nathan goes so baby crazy as my free choice but decided on his house because it’s been 4 SEASONS and still Nathan has no house. And the police station does not count. I mean we did get to see a glimpse of a living room but that wasn’t much. 

I see Nathan having a house near the water. A big house for a single person but big enough when he settled down and started a family with a big yard.  It’s always a work in progress. In his house every thing has a place  because of his Trouble he wants to be able to go to a home in which he has some control over things that he doesn’t in his day to day life at work. He also has a room that he can decoupage. It has a big window so the sun shines right on in while he works.

Nathan Headcannon-Belated Day 6: What would have been his favorite activity to do with James?

Considering we know how baby crazy Nathan can be, we can only imagine how much of a doting father he would have been. 

I can see Nathan and James playing catch in the backyard everyday. They would have spend doing that for hours. So much so that Nathan would have coached James’ little league team.

But James knowing how much Nathan liked to decoupage to de-stress, he decided to learn to do it as well. He wouldn’t really get it at first but he would do it because it would be another bonding opportunity. Once James would have gotten older he would probably not help out as much with Nathan’s decoupaging but every once and awhile he would join him in his decoupaging room (because Nathan would have one) and just talk. They would work side by side but talk about whatever it is that James might need advice on.

Nathan Headcannon-Day 5:Why doesn’t he remember Max? Is there a Howard connection?

Nathan was around 7-8 by the time Lucy came to town. And we know that Max was around too. Nathan not remembering could be a coping mechanism caused by trauma that we know he did endure at the hands of Max. He could have also had an accident which made him forget, which I don’t think is likely. So that leaves his memory of that time being erased by a Trouble. Maybe Garland asked someone who he knew had this Trouble because he was in the know when it came to the Troubled. He felt like he was doing Nathan a favor. But if this did happen or some other variation why wouldn’t anyone else bring it up. Duke and Nathan would have been close at the time so it seems strange that Duke wouldn’t remember either or maybe he does just doesn’t bring it up.

Or if there is a Howard connection, again maybe Garland asked Howard to do this. It did seem like Howard was depending on Garland when Audrey came to Haven. Maybe that was a payback for what he did for Nathan as a child. Maybe he even took him into the Barn to get rid of his memories before it disappeared.

Nathan Headcanon Week-Belated Day 4:Was his mother Troubled?Did she know what Lucy’s role was?

I think Nathan’s mother was Troubled. I even think that her Trouble might have led to her death. I think her Trouble was triggered by Max. Going by what was said in the show she went through some abuse so that could have been the emotional trigger.

I do think she knew who Lucy was to an extent. Maybe they might have even interacted in a limited capacity.Also it seems to me that Garland was always looking out for her in some way. And they might have even given her a hint that as soon as Lucy left with the Troubles that Max will be out of her and Nathan’s life as well.


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Nathan Headcanon Week-Day 3:What did he major in? Why did he come back to Haven after college?

I think Nathan majored in Criminal Justice naturally. But I also think he did it for Garland just to have something in common with him considering they didn’t have a close relationship. He choose this major not solely because in a way it was “the family business” but because Nathan also has an natural instinct to want to protect people, to try to help in any way he can.And perhaps to a degree he would have taken his B.A. in Criminal Justice and gone to law school.

I think he came back to Haven to be with Garland. I feel like whatever happened to his mother took place while he was away at school so it put even a bigger strain on his and Garland’s relationship afterwards. So he felt that he had to come back because it was the right thing to do for Garland. I feel like a part of Nathan wanted to get as far away from Haven as possible because for him it didn’t hold the best memories and he just wanted to go somewhere else but family called him back home so he did what he felt was the right thing for Garland. And maybe he even felt that by choosing to come home Garland would try to rebuild their relationship.


Side note: Going by the AU ep. of the show. Nathan perhaps would have wanted to go into the medical field. The reason being that as a kid his Trouble was triggered so he thought he could have found the answer to it if he had gone into medicine. He has this need to help others. But perhaps he was deterred from in not only because of family but because of a fear that his Trouble would come back. And what good would he be as a doctor if he couldn’t feel?


Nathan Headcanon Week - Day 2: What is his biggest fear?

From that reaction, he seems to be terrified. Some people say that he was scared of loosing Audrey or some other emotion. But from where I see, Nathan seems scared of something. I think it will be something mundane when they finally answer that. Honestly, it could be anything. It could be what Lucas said or anything else. I really have no clue of what it might be.

Nathan Headcanon Week-Day 2:What is his biggest fear?

1. I think it has something to do with his mother. Perhaps guilt? Considering we don’t know much about his mother and if she had a Trouble that might have caused her death. Maybe it has something to do with depression because we really don’t know about her and Max but the Teagues and Garland made it seem like it was bad on both Nathan and his mom. The only difference being that Nathan doesn’t seem to remember that time but maybe even as a kid he felt some guilt that followed him into adulthood.

2. Another theory is that it has to do with Max Hansen. By the time we saw his reaction to his biggest fear in “Fear and Loathing” he had already met Max and maybe that triggered memories in Nathan. And he’s such a closed off person that he keeps it in, even Audrey couldn’t get him to tell her. If he told anyone what he saw it would be her.

3.  Another thing that comes to mind was what he said to the Rev about being alone and how perhaps he always will be alone. Nathan has always been lonely so it wouldn’t be farfetched to think that he believes that he will end up alone.

4.  Even though there has been no indication of Nathan knowing about the other side, where Audrey,William, and David  are from, but what if he has seen it or maybe even been there. He doesn’t remember the part of his childhood that involved Max, which could very much been due to it being traumatic for him but we’re not really sure about that. Seeing as he doesn’t remember that part maybe that’s why it wouldn’t click in his head that he has seen the other place and it scared him as a child. It sure scared David even as a grown man. Sort of like Olivia in Fringe that she saw the other side as a kid without knowing it. (I’ve been watching too much Fringe lately)

Nathan Headcanon Week - Day 1: Why does Nathan love pancakes so much?


Pancakes were the first thing that Nathan learned how to cook. His mother taught him when he was still very young, without, of course, letting him handle the stove. They used to eat it every Saturday morning.

After her death, Garland was so shattered that he barely remembered he had a son to take care. Nathan, with his juvenile slyness, had the idea of making pancakes to cheer his father up, so he surprised his father with pancakes for dinner on Wednesday, a month after his mother’s burial. When Garland had gotten home, instead of a smile, Nathan faced tears coming out of Garland’s eyes and soon he was comforting the Chief of police.

A few weeks later, Nathan was surprised when he smelled the unique scent of Pancakes coming from the kitchen. He got up and found his father in the kitchen, shaved, showered and (he barely believed what he saw) with a tiny smile on his face. In that moment, Nathan realized what pancakes really tasted like. They tasted like a fresh start.

Nathan Headcanon Week-Day 1: Why does Nathan love pancakes so much?

I think Nathan’s love of pancakes comes from the memories that he has of having breakfast with his mom and Garland. Every Saturday was a family bonding day and it all started with having pancakes for breakfast. It’s almost like every Saturday he felt like they really were  a family (mostly because he was so distant from Garland) and he actually got to spend some time with Garland.  Pancakes just bring up happy memories for Nathan, waking up on a Saturday morning to the smell of pancakes and walking into the kitchen to see his mom and dad getting breakfast ready together. So every time he has pancakes it takes him back to a time that for him was perfect and nothing could go wrong and especially it’s a reminder of his mother.

Nathan Headcanon week - Day 1


Why does Nathan like pancakes so much?

I feel like it has something to do with his family.  He probably had special emoprieswith pancakes, I think.  They might have bhis mom’s favorite food or maybe his dad liked the hotcakes!  It possibly reminds him of happy times, and having so many dates with Audrey and pancakes just adds on to that

Plus if having pancakes is = to having sex with Audrey I think most people would like pancakes as well