A collection of the ridiculous/adorable things Lucas Bryant says and does.


Showcase Fan Expo Canada 2014 Q&A Panel


Lucas Bryant at FanExpo Canada (x)

Lucas talks about working with Adam Copeland and his directing debut.


Lucas Bryant Talks Haven 5  Global News Toronto Interview (x)


Check out this video and the sneak peek for the new season of Haven!

Check out Lucas being his charming self! As well as the first scene of season 5 with Mara and Nathan. Mara not being very nice to our pure-hearted hero.

Big brains at work: & taking media questions (photo courtesy of @SkanaGee )

The two cuties that sucked me into Haven and I never looked back!

Lucas Bryant - Season 5 promo pictures (x)

Emily & Lucas Interview tomorrow for Haven5.If you have twitter  you can send your questions .

Go send them your questions regarding Nathan, Audrey, and what to expect for season 5 of Haven.

Lucas Bryant - Season 5 promo pictures (x)

Fan Expo Canada



Lucas Byrant will appear Saturday at Fan Expo. Just a fun little Haven fact. Come show your support!


This has been confirmed by Showcase.  Also appearing: Anna Silk from Lost Girl, Kyra Zagorsky from Helix and Trenna Keating from Defiance

Details (x)

If anyone is going PLEASE bless us by taking pictures and video!!!


@nicolekathleen6 on twitter and instagram got to hang out with Lucas Bryant on August 19th! (x)(x)(x/x)

#Haven5: Lucas Bryant

These two are the best!!